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Everyone wants to stay healthy nowadays. People drink Puerh tea not just because of its healthy and energizing characteristic, the special aroma and thick texture also make it an excellent beverage after meal, in the afternoon or at tea break.

Traditional tea making requires professional tea set, sufficient space and time. To enjoy a nice sip of Puerh Tea during busy day of work, Teagather teabags would be just a good choice.

We aim to provide a “convenient yet not casual” tea tasting experience to tea lovers. We hope that from now on, tea lovers can enjoy a nice cup of tea anytime, anywhere, regardless of the environment, available tools and other factors.
Imagine that, frequent travellers can now enjoy a cup of warm and aromatic Puerh Tea at 30,000 feet, while busy office workers can take a cup of high quality Puerh Tea after lunch for better digestion. Businessmen can have a cup of Puerh Tea in an intense meeting in order to refresh their mind and stay focused. Puerh Tea is more than just a beverage but a silver lining.

Our teabags can also serve as a little tutorial for entry level professional tea tasting. All the information of the tea leaves is listed on the packaging. Tea lovers can refer to the information such as the year of production and place of origin while tasting our tea. Also, we use raw whole tea leaves in the teabags to provide full aroma and taste of the tea that is incomparable to the ordinary teabags .

Another purpose of founding Teagather is to build a connection between Teagather teabag senders and receivers. We hope tea lovers from around the world can connect with each other, combining small circles into big ones.

Teagather teabags are filled with high quality tea leaves, and meanwhile, the stylish and elegant packaging design makes them a great gift at all time.

Introduction of Raw & Fermented Puerh Tea

  • Mild nature, stomaching-warming and fat-dissolving
  • Prevents oxidation, strengthens cardiovascular system, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Puerh Tea is a post-fermented tea
  • Puerh Tea trees grow in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture and Simao District of Yunnan Province oringinally
  • The name ‘Puerh’ comes from a place named Puerh “Fu” in Yunnan Province, a distribution centre in ancient times
  • Yunnan Province is in southwest China. Due to its geographic advantage as well as the climate and soil, The Yunnan Province is also named as “The Plant Kingdom”. Yunnan is the place of origin of Puerh Tea with 1,700 years of history for producing Puerh Tea. And for Xishuangbanna, it has a south Asian tropical humid climate and northern tropical climate. The annual average temperature is 17-22 degree Celsius and the annual average rainfall is 1200-1800mm. This mild and humid climate and the abundant rainfall make Xishuangbanna the best place to grow Puerh Tea trees.
  • Apart from the place of origin, professional storage is also essential for Puerh Tea. With proper storage, Puerh Tea can be kept for a long time and the aroma can be upgraded. Professional storage and natural aging process can even turn Puerh Tea from green and bitter to bittersweet and smooth. Professional storage is not just about the venue. The odor, temperature, humidity of the storage place and the professional treatment to tea are also essential to the transformation of tea.
  • Raw Puerh Tea production relies on natural aging without going through any artificial fermentation process. Since the artificial fermentation process was invented at the 70’s, some may call raw Puerh Tea as traditional Puerh Tea.
  • The original colour of Puerh Tea is green, but the color will turn deeper gradually
  • Young Puerh Tea tastes like sun-dried green tea, a bit green and bitter, but it will become bittersweet and smooth after a few years of aging.
  • Fermented Puerh Tea have gone through the process of artificial fermentation, which would turn it into rosybrown colour and bring it a sweet and smooth taste without years of aging. Fermented Puerh Tea is quite popular, especially for the elderly, because of its mild and smooth nature.

Our Product

  • The raw material of our teabag is Yunnan large size sun-dried Puerh tealeaf, originated in Xishuangbanna of Yunnan
  • Our professional team includes veterans who work in tea industry for over 50 years and the tea experts who have been participating in tea merchandizing for more than 15 years. After repetitionary tasting in half a year, our team has selected raw and fermented Puerh tealeaf with 12-20 years as raw material of our teabags.
  • Year of the tealeaf can be found on each one of the teabags
  • Our teabag can be re-steeped for several times as we use a whole tealeaf without chopping as the raw material
  • Our teabag is made of plant fiber imported from Japan, not just environmental-friendly, degradable and heat-resistant, it will not release strange odor when making tea
  • 3D pyramid tea bag design offers enough space for tea leaves to stretch, which helps releasing the incredible aroma and taste of aged Puerh Tea
  • Sealed aluminum bag, keeping the product dry and odor-free
  • Natural cotton thread, sealed by ultrasound, no glue used
  • Minimum order: 100 pcs
  • Special packaging design will be offered for large amount order

Product Storage

  • Tealeaf should be stored in a clean, dry and well-ventilated place
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Since there are air pores all over the surface of tealeaf, it can easily absorb the odor of other items in the same area of storage. Therefore, tealeaf should always be kept away from items with strong odor, such as essential oils, pesticides, mosquito coils and alcohol drinks. Somewhere full and with strong odor such as kitchen is not a good choice for tealeaf storage as well.
  • Our tea bag comes with a sealed aluminum bag with no chemical added. Just like traditional tea cake, our teabag can be kept for a long time under proper storage.

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