Social Skills Groups

AP runs many different kinds of social skills groups for all ages and languages. We see these programs as critical to teach students social skills as well as develop their confidence and interest towards other peers. Students are assessed and goals are created to meet their own needs. A fun and exciting structure of activities are then created to meet those needs and objectives.


Little Smarties
Focus on the peer interaction skills necessary to be successful in a pre-school environment, with the goal of equipping them with a variety of peer-interaction skills for their everyday use during social times at school, play dates and in the community.
3 – 6 Cantonese
The Buddies
Focus on increasing in social demands in the first few years of primary school. It emphasizes intermediate social skills. Children learn to build and maintain friendship, interact and communicate with friends during play.
5 – 8 English
Focus on social subtleties in order to successfully sustain social relationship in cliques. Through different stimulated classes, students will be taught to follow classroom rules, and develop self-discipline and social skills
8 – 12 English/Cantonese
Explorer’s Club
Focus on advance social skills and emotional coping skills in order to thrive for adolescents, such as social inference perspective taking skills, managing unpleasant events, discussion and conversational skills.
12- 15 English/Cantonese